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Shared Action HD is a capacity building assistance (CBA) program of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) in collaboration with the Center for HIV Identification Prevention and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) of University California Los Angeles, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Shared Action HD created a framework that is fluid and attends better to the HIV Prevention needs of Health Departments. Its current model consists of three main layers: Technology and Information Transfer (ITT), Skills Building, and Individual Capacity Building Assistance (ICBA). Each of them will produce different impact on the consumers. However, it is intended for these components to work together and supplement each other. For example, while an agency may receive assistance in adapting a curriculum for the target population (ICBA), they may also receive a Skills-building training to enhance the implementation of that particular intervention. All of them together will produce a greater impact than each of them individually.

Program Toolkit

Program Toolkit

Shared Action HD has put together a collection of our educational written-materials that are the result from joining forces with Subject Matter Experts to present pragmatic information high- risk populationsí context, intervention strategies, organizational infrastructure and program sustainability.